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U.S. v Gordon et al. Remission

Welcome to the Information Website for the
U.S. v Gordon et al. Remission

          Case Numbers 08-CR-133-CVE and 09-CV-013-JHP

This site has been established by the United States Department of Justice to provide general information for victims of securities fraud and other offenses committed by George David Gordon and others.

The United States Department of Justice has recovered proceeds through forfeiture in a criminal prosecution of George David Gordon et al. ("Gordon") based upon the conviction of Gordon and others for illegally manipulating the common stock price of publicly traded stocks of National Storm Management Group, Inc. ("NLST") (formerly traded as NLST, now traded as NSMG)1, Deep Rock Oil and Gas, Inc. ("DPRK"), and Global Beverage Solutions, Inc. ("GBVS"). The forfeited funds were the proceeds of a conspiracy where the conspirators obtained the majority of the free trading shares of stock of the company they intended to manipulate and controlled or had access to various shell companies that they used to accomplish reverse mergers. The funds will be distributed to eligible victims of the conspiracy through a process called "remission."   For additional information about the remission process, please click the appropriate links on the left side of this page.

Please Note: The distribution of the funds accumulated in 2013 is now complete and checks have been mailed to the approved petitioners.  Petitions for remission are no longer being accepted. 

1 On August 26, 2006, the symbol NLST was changed and it is now traded as NSMG


The United States Department of Justice has retained Rust Consulting, Inc. to serve as the exclusive remission administrator for victims of Gordon et al. and related fraud schemes.  Readers are strongly cautioned against engaging the services of any person or entity who claims to have the ability to expedite the payment of remission funds.  Remission funds will be disbursed to all approved Petitioners at the same time and no approved Petitioner will receive priority of payment over another.

If you have questions, please refer to the FAQ’s and the other information posted here.

This site is not operated by NLST, DPRK, or GBVS. This case is supervised by the U.S. Department of Justice and is administered by a remission administration firm that handles all aspects of remission processing.  NLST, DPRK, and/or GBVS are not authorized to respond to questions regarding this remission.

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